People Search Tools by Username, Name, Number or Email

Would you like to search for information about someone using Internet tools? Do you have doubts that your partner or friend is hiding something such as social profiles and other accounts you don’t know about? Then, in this guide, we’ll show you the right tool and tips that could help you uncover lots of personal information about people online and know others more without asking.

Advanced People Search Engines

1. Use BV (by username, name, email, number)

BV Username search is on the top list of the most trusted tools to search for people online using the details about them, if possible such as their contact numbers, emails, social profiles, and more.

Here is an example of details found through the search by name, username etc…

Details in the search report

Unlike Google and other regular search engines, this one is much more sophisticated, and it combines multiple search options in one central dashboard.

Search by username

So, the user does not have to waste time searching for a specific friend or partner on the Internet by browsing thousands of web pages, comments, posts, and forum threads. Instead, they have a simple, yet powerful search system by name, phone number, or username to get what they search for as personal data linked to a specific person.

Searching information about someone

Here is what you can search for and see in the report like social media accounts, depending on the data availability of data and type of search:

Social media accounts

Now, here is another example of phone numbers found when searching for someone’s name in this tool.

Phone numbers

That’s not all, in the next example, the search report shows emails of the same person.

Example of emails
  • The person’s possible first, last, and middle name, if applicable
  • Other cell phone numbers they own
  • Possible relatives and associates
  • Their secondary social media accounts, if there are any
  • Possible age
  • Addresses
  • Emails and other public records…

There is also other data that could be found. So, make sure you search by name first, then use other details and see if there are additional information you can get.

2. NumberGuru (search by phone number)

When you need to see who that number is behind a call or a text message, this will be the right choice.

The tool works well for numbers in the US. So, keep that in mind. You can only type US numbers and see the details behind them like possible online accounts, names, possible addresses, etc…

Why do people want to search for data about others?

Every year, thousands of people join social media sites and dating platforms, and by just trusting what others put under their personal information and biography pages, many individuals might struggle to distinguish between good and bad guys or ladies online.

In fact, on Facebook and Instagram alone, there are thousands of fake accounts, and the guys behind those pages might use the same strategies to cause problems and issues to couples, friends, and even groups of people through their targeted campaigns.

That’s not all, the latest stats show that during the last 5 years (2015 to 2020), there were nearly 7253 data breaches in the United States alone, which exposed One Billion and 192 million records.

Now, you may ask why do I need that fact? Well, if someone got your email address, phone number, or other sensitive information through these data leaks, they could be using that data to create fake accounts in your name on different websites and applications for unknown reasons.

That’s why the best (if not the only) way you can search those possible hidden accounts in your name or in someone else’s name is by using such an advanced search system.

On the other hand, if you have doubts that someone is hiding things from you and you suspect he or she’s not the one you expected, you should search for their names or other types of information using the tool above and then, view any possible detail that could help you in learning more about them.

It’s a way to do a background search on people and learn more about their identities and online presence before making direct contact. Also, keep in mind that not all that you read on their social profiles and even what they say is real, and by searching that the person you talked to is using someone else’s details, you’ll have the right information to make a conclusion and recognize those unknown individuals.