How to Ask a Girl for her Mobile Phone Number

Asking a girl you like for her number can be intimidating for some men. It happens that you really like a girl. But you don’t know what to do, you want to get her number and ask her out. However, you have no clue or courage to do so. Don’t worry, today I’m providing you with the best techniques to get a girl’s number. So, dear men, please fasten your belts and get ready to follow these six perfect steps to get a girl’s number.

Before asking any girl, do these things

Dress well before asking a girl for her phone number

Dress well

The first thing that girls notice about boys is their appearance and the way they look. In general, the way you present yourself is what makes the first impression. For that reason, the first step is to make sure that you’re wearing good-looking garments. It doesn’t have to be expensive and branded. You can buy clothes from a thrift shop. And you can still pull them off and look handsome. It’s about the taste, you need to be presentable and neat, that’s what catches girls’ eyes at first.

Take care of your hygiene

The next important thing is to be well-groomed. You need to take good care of your hygiene. Just imagine you’re heading to talk to a girl, and the moment you open your mouth and say hello, you’ll release a bad breath bomb. Oh no! That’s a huge turn-off, and she will run away immediately. She will be repulsed by your bad breath and she will only think about getting rid of you.

You should, indeed, take great care of your cleanliness. You have to keep your breath fresh all the time. Don’t forget to trim your nose and ears, take care of your beard hair and always be sure to smell good. These are the first steps that you should follow to ease your job and now let me show you how to ask a girl for her number.

Asking a girl for her number at a party

So here, you are at a party, and one of the ladies catches your eye. Then, you exchange looks and the next step comes in. The easiest way is to test the water, talk to the girl and see how she reacts with you. If she keeps talking to you and seems to enjoy your chit-chat, choose the best time to ask for her number.

Now, it’s always a good idea to have a good conversation. First, then, the best time is not at the beginning of the talk unless she would think that you’re only interested in just getting her number. But, don’t ask for it at the end of the conversation too.

The perfect time is in the middle of the conversation when you’re at the peak of your talk and you’re engrossed completely in each other. That’s the magic moment to have the courage and demand her phone number.

You don’t need to be vulgar in asking for her number. Just be firm and tell her something like” I think we have a lot in common, I want to have your phone number, so we can know each other more”. Then, open your phone and hand it to her and let her tap her number in there and that’s what a professional should do!

She would be flattered that you want to know her more, and this is not a one-time thing. I mean the nice conversation.

What if you already know her?

If you already know the girl and you asked for her number once and she said no, you can ask her again one more time. If she accepts to give you her number, then good for you. But if she once again says no, then move on my friend since it’s clear that she’s not interested in you in that way. And for your own sake, don’t keep following her around and asking for her cell phone number. Or she will think that you’re a creep, just move on, the sea is full of fish.

If you know the girl, ask for her number

We all have a girl that we like. Whether she was a regular customer, a colleague, a classmate, or a neighbor, etc, we find it so hard to ask her for her number. Hence, here is what you should do, first build up some kind of connection with her. Then, start talking to her and ask casual questions about her. Next, make sure you smile while making eye contact, just be relaxed, try to get closer to her every day.

In addition, you may try to get to know her and create some comforting atmosphere where you both can feel relaxed and on the same page. You’ll notice huge progress in your relationship. Consequently, she’ll become more comfortable and enjoy your daily conversations.

Here, in particular, comes your role to step up the game and ask for her digits since you’ve already established a good relationship between you. Don’t worry, she’ll for sure give you her number, don’t wait any longer or you’ll miss your chance.

What if you’re friends on Facebook?

Nowadays, Facebook and all the other dating apps are considered the easiest ways to know a girl and have a date with her. So apparently, you have a Facebook friend that you truly like. But you have no courage to get her number and maybe you asked for it, but she said no. I may say that she is right because these days, lots of people got scammed and she’s afraid to be one of these victims.

Therefore, here is what you have to do. To begin with, you should get to know that woman, keep texting her and make her feel that you genuinely want to know her. Then, build up her comfort a little bit and after establishing a good vibe between you. You should video call each other. That’s a good way for her to confirm your identity and that you are truly the one talking to her, not some kind of a 60-year-old pervert.

After that, make several video calls and text messages, you’ll know for yourself if the girl likes you back, and here you can ask for her cell number. She won’t mind giving her digits since she trusts you and knows you a lot better now.

As you can see, asking a girl for her number is not that hard. You only have to follow these steps and it will work out so fine for you.

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