Subtle Signs a Male Coworker Likes you

Are you looking for subtle signs to see if a male coworker likes you? And you think that he hides that? So, keep reading, I’ll make sure that you get most of these hints and tips to tell if he’s really into you or not.

Lately, you noticed that one of your male coworkers is acting differently, he seems closer to you than before and is around you most of the time. Does this make you confused about whether he’s being just friendly or does he like you? Well, I’ll tell you the most definite common signs that a male coworker romantically likes you and not just in a friendly way. But he may be hiding his feelings for many reasons.

How to tell if a male coworker likes you or is just being friendly

So, dear ladies, these are the signs your coworker is into you and wants to be with you even if the guy is hiding that.

1. The man brings you coffee in the morning

It’s common for coworkers to bring food for each other sometimes. But, if your male coworker keeps bringing you coffee and donuts every morning, then he’s trying to be with you. Meantime, if you notice that he goes the extra mile and brings you your favorite coffee from your favorite coffee shop, then it’s evident that he cares a lot about you, a man has to feed his woman. That is in fact a sign that your male coworker has a crush on you.

Male coworker brings you coffee because he like you

2. He asks you about your relationship status

This is one of the other signs a male coworker likes you but is hiding it. Or even more, he’s starting to love you. If a man likes a girl, the first thing he’ll think about is if she’s still single or already dating someone. Some men will be straightforward and ask you directly if you’re single.

On the other hand, other guys can be shy and ask you indirectly. Hence, if your coworker popped the question, he’s definitely interested in you and wants to start a relationship with you.

3. The guy wants to be around you all the time

If you two crossroads a lot at work, wherever you go you bump into him, and you find that the guy comes to your desk for a quick chat, then, that’s probably because he’s into you. Also, you may look for the flowing things and special treatments from your male colleague:

  • He volunteers to bring you your mail papers
  • The guy tags along at break times and he mostly sits beside you
  • He also has the same work shift as you
  • The man always tries his best to be in the same team as you

If that happens, then, that’s for sure a clear sign that your male coworker likes you and he wants to be around you. So, he just wants you to see him often, in short, he wants you to notice him. So, please open your eyes and pay attention to the man’s actions and you’ll figure out by yourself how much that colleague likes you.

4. Change in his dressing code

A huge change in dressing mode and appearance is another subtle sign a coworker is attracted to you. The first thing men do when they like a woman is to change the way they dress up. So, you need to look if your coworker is taking extra care of the way he looks. Or, notice if he starts to wear more fashionable and good-looking clothes. If your male coworker is doing that, then he’s trying to impress you.

Besides, if he changes his haircut and he’s wearing cologne, that’s another strong sign the guy at work likes you. That’s because the man wants you to like him and to see him as your perfect match.

Besides the fact that this may be one important sign which tells you that your male coworker is attracted to you, you need to watch him around before making any conclusion. So, see if there is any other girl in his life. Sometimes, guys dress well to impress girls altogether. And they don’t mean to be attractive to one special lady.

So, take your time, think about the guy. Then, see if there are any hidden signs the man is really interested in being with you or even wants to open a conversation.

5. You have the same break time

This goes in hand with the above signs, if you notice that your coworker always has the same break time as you, it may not be a coincidence. So, he for sure, arranged for you too to meet at the break. And if you want to be more sure of that try to change your break time. If he follows the lead, then, he’s doing it for a purpose, and if he doesn’t change due to strict company policies. In addition, the man will drop by the cafeteria now and then to see you. That’s a clear sign your male coworker is attracted to you.

6. Your male coworker helps you at work

This is how you can tell if a coworker likes you even if he’s hiding it. If the guy in your workplace is attracted to you, he’ll make sure that you’re doing well at work. So it doesn’t matter how busy he’s, he’ll always hurry to help you.

Thus, whether you’re having trouble with some paperwork or with a hard customer, your male colleague will always come to the rescue. In fact, he’ll be more than happy to help you in the workplace and show you the best way to do your job especially if you’re new.

Consequently, you’ll always find the guy by your side whenever you need him. But, if you don’t like him back, please don’t take advantage of that and let him do all your work.

7. He protects you at work

Sometimes, it happens that you make mistakes in your job. But the man covers up for you, and even when that happens again and they discover it, he stands up for you and convinces them that it was a one-time mistake. Also, the guy will try to explain that you were tired and sick that day or he may take the risk and put all the blame on him.

That’s a man who honestly likes you and is ready to lose it all for your sake. As a matter of fact, it’s not an everyday thing that we find someone that cares about us and is willing to sacrifice it all for our own protection. That’s a man you should keep and hold on to firmly. Finding a guy with good qualities is not always easy in a world of fake social media profiles and lies.

8. The guy speaks highly of you

Whenever you’re at meetings, in the office, or social work gatherings, you’ll find that the male coworker praises you and speaks highly of you in front of your colleagues and bosses. Also, you’ll notice that he wants you to move ahead at work and be in better positions. As he’s rising up, he wants you to level up with him.

So, your colleague is not afraid of your success in the same company. On the contrary, he’s supporting you and helping you to advance.

That’s another way to tell that the man is probably attracted to you not only because of the job issues or tasks. But also, because he thinks you’re the one for him or at least, you’re his sweetheart.

9. You catch him looking at you most of the time

One of the most obvious signs that shows someone’s infatuation with you is the way he looks at you. That’s because like they say ”the eyes never lie”. Thus, if you catch your male colleague looking at you several times, then he’s surely falling for you. Hence, if he’s a confident guy, he’ll keep eye contact with you and mostly, will wink at you.

On the other hand, if your colleague is shy, he’ll get startled and look away. In both cases, you’ll just know, you don’t need to look for a million ways to be liked, that’s already happening in the workplace. And to be more certain, pay more attention to your male colleague’s behavior.

Let’s say you’re having a conversation and you’re talking and laughing and the moment you look into his eyes, he just freezes, stutters, and almost falls over. That’s simply your eyes’ effect on him. They pierce right into his heart and knock him down.

10. The man makes you laugh

If someone in the workplace especially likes you for real, he’ll always try to make you laugh and see you happy. So, whenever something funny pops into his head, he’ll come to your desk right away and tell it to you. Also, if he watches a funny video, he’ll show it to you at once.

Coworker makes you laugh because he likes you

If the guy is already engaged, and you see him trying to make you laugh, then, probably that’s one sign the married male coworker is struggling with his wife. Consequently, he wants to forget his problems by just being with you even for 10 minutes. So, one sign that a married male coworker likes you is that he tries to make you laugh no matter what. So, don’t always think that the guy is into you, when there is a wife, that can cause issues for both sides.

In other words, be careful with that. If he’s still single, that’s completely fine, and liking you is good all the way. However, when the guy has another female in his life, then, keep a distance and count every step you take further, it’s not a game.

When a married male coworker likes you, his wife can hear about that from one of your colleagues. And if that happens, there could be tension between you and his wife even if you did nothing wrong.

11. He compliments you

When we fall for someone, we start to notice everything about them even in the smallest detail. So, you can find that your male colleague definitely takes extra care of you. Therefore, every time, he’ll compliment the way you look by saying “you look gorgeous today”, or maybe, “your green sweater matches the color of your eyes”. This, indeed, isn’t just a random compliment, it’s an indication that he already had the time to focus and notice the color of your eyes.

Indeed, the man will give you more profound compliments such as “I like the way your eyes shine whenever you smile” or “you tend to squeeze your hands when you’re nervous”. Oh! That’s so cute! He actually took the time to get to know you deeply. And definitely, that guy likes you more than anyone else in the workplace.

That being said, you also need to verify if that man you want to date is married or has someone else, that’s better for a good relationship.

12. Your male colleague only flirts with you

When you like someone, you tend to flirt with him. Hence, if your dear coworker flirts with you and not with other female coworkers and makes it clear that he’s only attracted to you, then there’s no other obvious way to show you that he’s interested in you better than flirting. Also, others may notice that and of course, they’ll see if coworkers are attracted to each other.

13. He tries to know the real you

If your coworker starts asking you questions about your life outside the work area, then he’s obviously interested in you. That means, he wants to know the real you. And he’ll try to find out what your hobbies are, your favorite food, color, movie, etc…

In short, the man will dig deeper to know the real person you are outside of the office. In addition, he’ll try to know how much you do have in common and you’ll be surprised later about the number of details he knows about you. All of these are hidden signs of attraction from your male colleague.

14. Others notice the strong vibe between you

If your colleagues tell you that let’s say, “ Mark” clearly likes you, then, he sure likes you. That’s because maybe you’ll be caught up at work and you won’t catch all that attraction vibe, but they will for sure catch it.

Coworkers tend to notice things that you miss. So if any of your coworkers mentioned the fact that “Mike” obviously has the odds for you, then be positive that he’s attracted to you.


To sum up, you can know a lot about men’s intentions if you just keep a close eye on their actions. Being in a relationship and flirting with you or looking at your eyes or whatever other actions the guy takes in the workplace does not mean he really wants you, nor does that mean he’s not.

By following the above tips and thinking about these signs, you can tell if your male coworker likes you or he’s just being friendly with you. You need to take your time and try to talk more to learn from him. Also, find what are the motivations for bringing you that sweet coffee in the morning or helping you. instead, the man can just focus on his work.

Now, by looking at the above subtle signs, you can tell if the male colleague likes you for real or just spending time like what happens with other girls. So follow these tell-tale signs and they will let you know if your male colleague likes you or not. And always ask yourself if that’s true or not and you’ll find all the answers.

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